Police agencies lend help during Deputy Pickett’s funeral


Deputy Jacob Pickett

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- As Boone County law enforcement officers grieve the loss of their comrade, Deputy Jacob Pickett, other agencies are stepping up to help.

During Friday’s procession and funeral, officers from across central Indiana will take over patrols in Boone County, so agencies there can pay their final respects to Deputy Pickett.

“Any time you lose a fellow officer it just brings the best out in everybody,” said Pittsboro Police Department Deputy Chief Scott King.

The Pittsboro Police Department only has six full time officers, but they’re pitching in Friday to help cover portions of Boone county, so that first responders there who knew and loved Jacob Pickett can go to honor his life.

“We’re a family, whether we know each other or not, we’re there for each other,” said Indiana State Police Sergeant John Perrine.

For King, sending an officer to help is a small sacrifice, compared to the one made by Deputy Pickett.

“You’re a brotherhood, and when one of your brothers goes down, you do absolutely anything you can to help where you can,” said King.

Officials say there will be no lapse in emergency response coverage in jurisdictions that send officers to help with Deputy Pickett’s funeral.

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