Podcast brings attention to Najah Ferrell case


AVON, Ind- The investigation into the disappearance and death of Avon mother Najah Ferrell is the focus of a new podcast released this week. The more than hour-long episode of the podcast “10-41” features Avon police and is hosted by a retired Indiana State Police Detective.

Ferrell’s disappearance made headlines last year, and even as those headlines fade away her family hasn’t stopped searching for answers.

“Right now we don’t know anything,” said Ferrell’s sister Jaleesa Joseph. “We’re left to wonder.”

Joseph remembers her sister as kind and caring. Ferrell had 2 kids of her own, with 3 foster kids.

“She’s always been a mother figure to anybody, even when we were younger,” Joseph said.

Ferrell was reported missing last March after she mysteriously didn’t show up for work or to pick up her kids. Detectives soon found her car and belongings, and then weeks later a fisherman found her foot in a pond in northern Indiana.

“We have accepted that Najah is not here,” Joseph said. “It’s very hard to accept, but for us, it’s just why would someone do this.”

Her family and police have been pleading for answers ever since, sharing her story with anyone willing to listen.

“As a detective, when I heard about the severed foot being located in a retention pond… to me that screams boy, this is something different,” said podcaster Todd McComas, who’s also a retired ISP detective.

McComas hosts a crime podcast called “10-41,” The latest episode, titled “Justice for Najah.”

“It genuinely hurts me to know those people are walking around,” McComas said. “If just one valuable lead were to come in as a result of a listener listening to my podcast and in covering this story, and if it were to help solve the case, whatever happens from here on out is gravy,” McComas said.

In the episode, McComas brings in Avon Police to talk about the investigation. They are confident someone knows what happened, and they want the family to know too.

“We want to give them the opportunity to lay Najah to rest,” said Avon Deputy Chief of Police Brian Nugent. “We want them to have that closure and we want to do everything we can to answer every question that they have.”

Joseph and her family say Najah had a motherly attitude and always there watching out for them. Even still, today.

“Some days I have bad days… but I know she’s with us,” Joseph said. “The last year has really been looking for answers.”

Avon Police has been working with Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana. If you have any information, you can report anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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