Truck driver who caused deadly I-465 crash pleads guilty but mentally ill


Bruce Pollard

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  – A truck driver is convicted of killing three people in a deadly crash last year on 465.

Bruce Pollard pleaded guilty but mentally ill following the fatal wreck last July that killed a mother and her twin babies.

Pollard appeared eager to plead guilty.  He told the judge he was guilty but mentally ill before he even stated his own name.

In the end the judge did sign off the plea deal.

Pollard pleaded guilty to causing the deaths of 29-year-old Alanna Koons and her 18-month-old twins June and Ruby.

Prosecutors claim Pollard got distracted reaching for iced tea while behind the wheel of his semi-truck.

They allege Pollard didn't notice traffic had slowed for construction and caused a chain reaction crash.

According to medical reports, Pollard has been treated for numerous psychiatric illnesses starting in 2015.

While multiple doctors ruled Pollard competent to stand trial, his attorney maintains Pollard has serious mental limitations.

“Five minutes with Mr. Pollard would convince anyone he has a mental illness and someone should have seen that before they certified him to drive,” said attorney Jack Crawford.

Pollard’s plea agreement, now approved by the judge, calls for the truck driver from Missouri to be sentenced to 3 to 9 years in state custody.

For his part, attorney Crawford insists his client should never have been licensed to drive a big rig before the fatal crash.

“He clearly should not have been driving a 60 thousand pound truck on the highways on July 2019.  He shouldn't have been driving,” said Crawford.

Sentencing in the case is set to take place late March.

Data pix.

Data pix.

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