Plea agreement reached between prosecutors, Richmond Hill suspect Gary Thompson

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry confirmed to CBS4 that a plea deal has been made with Richmond Hill suspect Gary Thompson.

Richmond Hill residents met with Curry Monday night to hear the latest developments in the case.

Thompson is accused of participating in two failed attempts to blow up Monserrate Shirley’s home in 2012. As part of the plea agreement, Thompson will plead guilty to conspiracy to commit arson and be sentenced to 30 years in prison with 10 years suspended. Should Thompson accrue credit for good time, he could serve as little as eight years of his sentence.

After his release, Thompson will spend another two years on probation.

Mark and Bob Leonard have already been convicted of murder and conspiracy to commit arson and sentenced to life in prison.

Shirley pleaded guilty to arson conspiracy counts that carry a 30 year prison term.

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