Mayor Joe Hogsett, committee members lay out Plan 2020 for city’s future

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4 Fast Facts

  • City unveils details of its Plan 2020 initiative
  • The plan runs more than 130 pages
  • It will focus on six areas to position Indianapolis as a first-class city for the future
  • The ambitious plan will center around the city’s bicentennial in 2020

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The city of Indianapolis has big plans for the future.

City officials and community leaders joined together Tuesday to announce “Plan 2020,” a multifaceted approach to plan the future of Indianapolis. Organizers said they’ll draw inspiration from the city’s past to shape its future as they look ahead to 2020, which marks the city’s bicentennial.

Leaders across the city came together to discuss where the city wants to position itself in the decades to come. The plan will focus on several areas including health, industrial development, public safety and transportation, among others.

The plan unveiled Tuesday spans more than 130 pages and outlines several objectives. Officials described Plan 2020 as a series of smaller plans that work together to form a comprehensive strategy.

City government resources and community partners will work together to turn the vision into reality. Mayor Joe Hogsett referred to Plan 2020 as a “road map.” The plan aims to involve the entire Indianapolis community to achieve its goals. The program is outlined in six broad categories:

  • Choose
  • Connect
  • Love
  • Serve
  • Work Indy
  • Thrive Indy

Members of various committees explored several different aspects ranging from regionalism and urbanization to housing, leadership, the job market and civic engagement. The ultimate goal is to make Indianapolis a “healthier, more resilient, more inclusive, more competitive city.”

“We came in and we all dedicated a tremendous amount of time (and) put in deep thought into the problems that face this city, where we want to be as a community and a culture and where we see ourselves in 20 years,” said Jimmie McMillian with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

McMillian said the plan is ambitious but feels Indianapolis can become the first-class city that “everyone knows it can be.”

“We can get it all done,” said McMillian. “We need to get it done.”

Hogsett said his administration supports the plan. He credited previous mayors of Indianapolis for creating the framework for Indy’s future. During Tuesday’s news conference, Hogsett talked about the city’s growth over the years in terms of population, business and tourism and discussed each principle of the plan ranging from transportation to civic engagement and education.

“Big plans. Lofty goals. But achievable,” Hogsett said.

Hogsett said he couldn’t guarantee he’ll be in office to see the plan through, noting his current term is up in 2019 and “nothing is guaranteed.” He said his administration will work tirelessly to support Plan 2020.

For more details about the plan, visit the Plan 2020 website.

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