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PLAINFIELD, Ind. – Some quick thinking by police saved a man was yelling at the officers to shoot him. It happened on an interstate overpass, where the man said he would jump if he wasn’t killed.

According to Plainfield police, the incident happened on the afternoon of November 27. They were called to help a woman get back her children after their father picked them up from school.

A relative reached the man by phone and found out the man was near the airport.

Sergeant Chad Parks was one of two men from the Plainfield Police Department to find the man stopped on the bridge over I-70 that heads north to the Indianapolis International Airport. The man was out of his car and showed police a gun was by his waist.

“He had a gun and he was unstable,” said Parks “I challenged him with my firearm. Told him to show me his hands. As we approach him, as soon as he put his hands in the air, I transitioned from my gun and went to my Taser. At that point, it wasn’t deadly force so went less lethal, and my whole goal was to get him stable to get him some help, and make sure the kids are safe.”

When the man put his hands by his waist, Parks pulled the trigger of his Taser.

“He’s a father and we wanted to make sure his kids were safe and they grow up with a dad,” Parks said. “That’s really what was going through my mind.”

When Parks and the officer handcuffed the man, he continued to yell he wanted to die. Parks told him that wasn’t going to happen and they wanted to get the man help.

“He was still wanting to hurt himself,” said Parks. “I told him no, we aren’t going to hurt you we don’t want to do that. We want to get you help, and that’s what we did. We didn’t take him to jail we ended up taking him to the hospital.”

Police said the man is facing charges from the incident, including illegal possession of a handgun. The serial number on the weapon had been removed.

Parks is familiar with his Taser. He’s the instructor for teaching others on the department how to use it.