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PLAINFIELD, Ind. – Some residents in Plainfield are complaining about discolored water coming out of their faucets, but the town claims the water is safe to drink.

The Plainfield Department of Public Works was out flushing the water, Wednesday, after some residents complained of discolored water.

One resident, who did not want to be identified, told us she had been dealing with brown tap water almost every month since she and her family moved in to the Sugar Grove Farms neighborhood a year ago.

“When this happens it does stain everything. It stains the commode. It stains the tub,” she said. “I wanted to buy bottled water to take a bath.”

And she’s not alone.

She showed us pictures from other neighbors complaining about the same thing. She said her homeowners association recently met with town officials to find out what’s going on.

“I do know that it’s being addressed. It’s just not being addressed quickly enough,” she complained, adding that her family does not drink the water, because they don’t believe it’s safe.

We reached out to the town of Plainfield and a spokesperson got back to us claiming the water is safe. The town plans to flush out the water again next week, but didn’t indicate if there were any other fixes on the table.

The town’s statement reads:

On March 28, 2018, the Town of Plainfield was alerted to a Facebook post about a resident having discolored water. The complaint was posted late Tuesday night on March 27, 2018. Upon reviewing the Facebook post, the Town of Plainfield reached out to the resident who complained about her water having a brown-tint. The resident told the Town where she was located and reported her water was clear this morning. Instantly, the Town of Plainfield’s Department of Public Works went to that neighborhood and flushed the hydrants to remove any chance of discoloration.

The Town of Plainfield operates on well water that goes through a complete water treatment process. With well water comes natural minerals that can sometimes cause discoloration. The Department of Public Works works relentlessly to test the distributed water. DPW tests water at the water treatment plants daily and weekly in the distribution system. The water distributed to residents is not harmful in any way. DPW retrieves samples from areas where we have received complaints in the past. All water samples continue to fall within drinking standards.

As a Town operating on well water, we work hard to flush the system, test the water, and follow-up almost instantly on any complaints we receive. At the March 12th Town Council Meeting, the Council urged residents experiencing discoloration to call to report any issues. The Town of Plainfield has begun a partnership with the Sugar Grove Home Owner’s Association, after that March 12th meeting and they reported the Town has done a great job in correcting the problem. The Department of Public Works has not received a complaint in more than two weeks. The Town of Plainfield has approximately 12,000 water customers and only a small number of customers have complained.

Residents are urged to call DPW during working business hours at (317) 839-3490, to call the Communications Center during non-working business hours at (317) 839-8700 and/or to report the issue on the Town of Plainfield’s website when they have an issue.

Next week, DPW will begin their annual fire hydrant flushing program. The program allows the Water Department’s staff to monitor water color and draining.