Peru residents searching for colorful creations


PERU, Ind. — During this stay at home order, many people have developed a new hobby or skill.

But one Peru resident found herself in a unique position when she ran out of things to paint.

The problem was none of the art stores open nearby when Patsy Zelinsky ran out paint canvases.

Instead, Zelinksy got creative, searched around her home and a discovered she has a lot of extra bricks around.

She started painting the bricks but then had a different idea.

Zelinski started hiding bricks around town and even left some clues about their location on social media.

“I didn’t have any intention of leaving them around town. It just sort of evolved. Before I knew it I’m up to like 30 bricks,” she explained.

Zelinski wasn’t done there though. About a month ago, she started painted her bricks for cause.

For $10 dollars, she began selling them with all profits going to the Peru Garden Club.

“At first I just enjoyed painting so much, I was doing it for me. But then I started to realize some of these people they’re starting to talk about it and they really enjoy finding these bricks,” she added.

So far, Zelinsky has raised a few hundred dollars for the garden club.

She says anybody can request a painted brick. You can even specify a theme or color.

If you are interested in buying a brick, click here.

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