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INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is asking fans to think twice before buying any Indianapolis 500 tickets or parking passes from people outside of the track.

“Do not buy a parking pass from anyone. We are really concerned about those parking passes and we have already confiscated some,” said IMS President Doug Boles.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has taken away more than a dozen fake parking passes at the gates of the track, turning away fans who thought they were getting a good deal, but ended up losing big.

Many of the counterfeit passes look very realistic, while others were terrible knockoffs. Either way, track staff can spot the fake right away.

“Anybody can get a photocopier and try and produce these, but when it comes down to it…there is only one issued pass from IMS. So it is important fans check that IMS has issues that pass,” said Lt. Trent Theobald of Speedway Police.

All parking is sold out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. So, if you do not have reserved parking for race day by now, IMS says put your wallet away.

“Just do not buy them and if you already have purchased one, do not bring it,” said Boles.

Police have dealt with these issues in previous years, but with around 300,000 people expected at the first sell out in more than two decades, officers expect scammers to try and take full advantage of race fans who are looking for a parking spot or a seat at the race.

“When you show up and you have one that is not legitimate, we can tell. You will not get in the parking lot. It is important that you do not buy a parking pass from anyone…whether you see it on Craigslist or eBay etc.,” said Boles.