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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The fallout continues after a former fertility doctor was charged for allegedly lying about using his own sperm to inseminate patients. An investigation by our newsgathering partners at FOX 59 helped uncover the problem.

Now, another patient is coming forward saying she wants her son’s DNA tested, too. The patient turned to Dr. Donald Cline in 2002 for fertility treatments. This week, she learned the doctor admitted to impregnating at least five patients with his sample.

For Alicia Nevins, having a child was a long-time dream.

“I wanted a baby more than anything,” Nevins said. “Absolutely more than anything. That was the missing piece in my heart.”

Nevins, and her then husband, struggled to conceive for years. Eventually, they turned to Cline for help.

“He told us it was possible, absolutely possible, that we could achieve to have a baby,” Nevins said. “And of course, we were just ecstatic. He was still able to inseminate me. And then, at that point it did take, and we were pregnant with my son.”

Nevins’ son is now 13 years old. Her view of the doctor who she thought allowed who to become a mother is suddenly tainted.

On Monday, Nevins said she was scrolling through Facebook when a news story about Cline’s charges caught her eye.

“I’m like ‘there’s no way,’” she said.

CBS4 cameras captured Cline leaving a courtroom Monday morning. Cline faces charges for lying to the attorney general’s office about fathering some of his patients’ children.

“It did bring up doubt,” Nevins said. “We tried all this time and then all of a sudden it works? There’s questions.”

Nevins said she wants Cline to pay for the DNA testing so she can know, definitively, whether she was part of his deception.

“He should just pay for the DNA test for anyone who has any questions or any doubts,” Nevins said. “Because he is the one that has caused this issue.”

CBS4 reached out to Cline’s attorney Tuesday night asking if he would be willing to pay for the DNA testing. His attorney said they have no further comment.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office is discussing options for Cline’s patients when it comes to DNA testing.