Pandemic safety topic at Indiana Safety and Health Conference


INDIANAPOLIS — Employers in Indiana have the chance this week to learn more about how to keep the workplace safe in the pandemic.

The Indiana Safety and Health Conference is underway now.  It includes 70 sessions including preparing for emergencies, working through the risks, and planning where we go from here. 

We caught up with Kara Cecil, who is one of the speakers at the conference. She says workplace recommendations are constantly changing along with the virus, but it’s important to follow mask mandates, social distancing, and encourage good hygiene habits.

“Everyone is kind of asking what can they do to mitigate their risk of contracting COVID, we do know that hand hygiene, staying-keeping that social distance and wearing a mask when you’re in a public space are the best steps for reducing the spread of COVID transmission,” Cecil said.

She also says she expects restrictions to ease as more people become vaccinated.

“As we have more and more of our population vaccinated, we will get closer and closer to that magical herd immunity and when we reach that point, we can think about reducing some of these precautions like mask-wearing, like concentration of people in enclosed places so maximum capacity reductions and distancing, so as soon as we march closer and closer to that herd immunity mark, we can start thinking about those,” Cecil said.

The conference wraps up Wednesday with the 2021 Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards.

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