NOBLESVILLE — Local Children’s Organ Transplant Association volunteers are working to raise money to help a Noblesville 2-year-old who needs a life-saving kidney transplant. 

Jackson, or Jax for short, is Matt and Katie Sutton’s third child. So, on top of taking care of their other two and seeing to his daily health care needs, they say this has really presented some challenges. But a transplant would be a game changer, and they say they are really grateful for help from the community to make it happen. 

“You’re outnumbered by the way when you have three kids,” said Katie. 

When she and Matt Sutton had Jax they found out early on he would have some health issues. 

“We went through a lot of testing and Jax was diagnosed with LUTO, which is a lower urinary tract obstruction,” Katie said. 

He’s on daily dialysis and doctors say he needs a kidney transplant, but in the meantime, his parents say he’s a fighter. 

“You look at him and unless you really knew, you wouldn’t think he’s any different than the next child,” Matt said. 

The transplant will change his quality of life but also come with a heavy price tag. 

“That’s going to be expenses his family has for the rest of his life. That’s not just getting to transplant, that is a lifetime expense,” said Rick Lofgren. 

Lofgren is the president of the Children’s Organ Transplant Association, the group working to raise $60,000 to help the Sutton family. 

“It really is important to us to make sure that these family members that we work with, and especially in Jax’s case because he’s not even two years old yet, he’s able to have a long and healthy life,” said Lofgren. 

Local COTA volunteers are planning fundraisers to take the burden off of his parents so that they can focus on his care. 

“Jax, I feel like, has touched so many lives already just in his short two years,” Katie said.  

“I don’t really have the words to describe what that feels like to see people come together for him.” 

COTA is hosting a pizza party fundraiser for Jax’s second birthday Sunday, January 30 at Papa Murphy’s in Carmel. They are also planning a “Jog for Jax” in the next few months. For more information on their fundraising click here.

Jax is going to Cincinnati next week for testing to try to find a donor. Both his parents are also in the process to see if they would be a match. They will know more after next week.