‘Operation Cupid’s Broken Arrow’ goes beyond stopping prostitutes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Ten men accused of patronizing a prostitute are off the streets after a blitz by IMPD. But authorities say the operation, named “Cupid’s Broken Arrow” wasn’t just aimed at cutting down on prostitution.

Cops say where’s there’s prostitution, there’s usually a whole list of crimes that go along with it. And while some in the public may question IMPD’s focus on something like this, authorities say the impact on crime goes deeper than most may realize.

When IMPD sent an undercover female officer to walk a stretch of E. Washington St. earlier this week, they say during the course of two days, ten men approached her and offered to pay for sex.

While many in the area supported the effort, take a scroll through the comments on IMPD’s Facebook page, and you’ll find plenty who think an effort like this is a waste of time.

Comments like “Come on, seriously…there’s a lot more serious stuff happening,” and “Way to go getting these hardcore killers off the street.”

But IMPD officials said the work is important.

“If we don’t take that crime serious now, then it becomes out of hand,” said Southeast District Sergeant Christopher Kibbey. He said many people don’t realize prostitution is usually a symptom of other problems happening in a given area.

“Really what the johns are doing is actually fueling the drug problem for our prostitutes,” said Kibbey.

And those drugs, in turn fuel other dangers; in particular, human trafficking and crimes of opportunity.

“They will set up robberies, they will set up car jackings when the john is distracted,” said Kibbey, “so it does lead to worse crimes.”

Authorities said cutting down on prostitution helps rid areas of those related crimes. Kibbey said they try to conduct operations like “Cupid’s Broken Arrow” several times a year.

And as part of this operation, teams also served narcotics warrants, which authorities said netted thirteen arrests, along with teams recovering cocaine, heroin, marijuana and a handgun.

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