Ohio woman shocked to get cat back after ‘Delilah’ travels 230 miles inside hood of car

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HANOVER, Ohio. – After losing her cat for almost a week, Kathy Braidich was losing hope that she would ever see her 7-year-old Delilah again.

After spending time with her son and daughter-in-law at their rural Licking County Ohio home, located about 50 miles east of Columbus, Braidich noticed Delilah left their house.

As an inside-outside cat in the country, she typically does this to avoid people and usually returns within a day. This time, Delilah didn’t come home and Braidich got worried due to the frigid temperatures taking place across the Midwest.

Her son and daughter-in-law, Chuck and Kate, left early because of the cold and traveled back to their home in Columbus, Indiana.

Braidich took to Facebook to post that Delilah was missing, while she was beginning to lose hope due to how cold is was outside.

She said she was very sad until one day she was in a meeting and looked down at her phone. She was shocked to see a picture of Delilah, appearing in good shape, from her daughter-in-law Kate.

The Indiana couple called animal control after smelling burnt hair in their engine. They figured a raccoon potentially got trapped inside.

When the animal control officer showed up, everyone was delighted to see Delilah cuddled up inside a crevice under the hood.

Naturally shy, Delilah hissed at them, but was pulled out after 30 minutes and was sent to a local vet. After spending a remarkable eight days without food or water, Delilah was only treated for dehydration.

She was put into a cat carrier and headed to Cincinnati to reunite with Braidich and her husband.

“I was so happy and Delilah is back to normal, she even seems more affectionate than before, more appreciative of what she has,” Braidich told us.

Delilah is happy and healthy after she long journey. Hanover is over 230 miles from Columbus and around a four hour drive.

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