Officials remind residents to clear storm drains to avoid street floods


HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — It’s that time of year when the temperature drops and the leaves start to fall.

Sometimes, those leaves end up on top of storm drains, and when we get rain fall like Saturday, it can lead to flooding.

“Our biggest concern are things like the roads in neighborhoods becoming water covered because of leaves covering storm drains. We also make sure we’re watching some of our problem areas that tend to flood on a regular basis,” said Hamilton County EMA Executive Director Shane Booker.

Booker says they didn’t see many issues this weekend related to high waters, but it’s the time of year when leaves can cause storm drains to clog up.

He says the dangers of leaving storm drains clogged is it can lead to water on the roadways, which could cause drivers to hydroplane.

“It’s really difficult to see those puddles on the roadways at night, and it’s really important for drivers to slow down and take the time to look for those hazards, and if you see that, to make sure you’re slowing down,” Booker said.

Almost all cities have a department that’s responsible for clearing out storm drains, but they can’t get to them all.

This is why city officials ask people to clear their neighborhood drains of debris, littler, and leaves.

Booker says if you do hydroplane and crash, call 911.

“Make sure you’re putting on your hazards so that other drivers can see you to prevent other accidents from occurring,” Booker said.

He says since most of the rain has cleared for the night, his biggest concern will be the wind.

“It’s really important to remember that if you have a power outage or trees are blown down onto power lines, to stay away from those areas, especially at night when you’re not able to see those hazards,” Booker said.

Booker says the county may have avoided flooding this time, but more rain will follow eventually, and before you know it, snow will be here.

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