Officials remind Indy 500 race attendees to park where it is the safest, not cheapest


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SPEEDWAY, Ind. — It’s a question Indy 500 race fans ask every year, “Where should we park?”

For the nearly 300,000 plus who will attend this years race, most have parking figured out, whether it be inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, or outside at one of the lots, like the Coke Lot or at Speedway High School.

But for others, it is a hunt and find the best deal, which can include parking in the front yard of someones house in a nearby neighborhood. That practice has been on-going since the beginning of the Indy 500 almost 100 years ago and most believe that is still one of the best options for their car, being that it is out of the main traffic crowd and is perceived to be a lot safer.

Most race goers also believe that anything that happens to their car parked in a yard as compared to IMS is much better, especially when it comes to liability issues.

But according to Matt Green of American Family Insurance in Indianapolis, he warns not to buy into that line of thinking.

“Where you park your car is basically your responsibility as to what happens to it, ” according to Green. “And if you believe that if you park in the front yard of a friend or at a relatives house and your car will be safer and they would assume liability if something happens to it, that is just not true. There is a certain amount of responsibility they have in the negotiated price and time your car can stay there, but almost 99% of the time anything that happens to it there or inside at IMS still puts the liability issue in your lap, not theirs !”

Green, as well as local authorities, remind those looking to park their cars near the Speedway that they should remember a few simple rules, like making sure parking is permitted there and asking if the owners of the house or lot will be there the whole time. And race attendees also need to make sure to cover up or remove any items from their cars so as to avoid any potential theft problems.

Officials also say the best practice is to park your car where it is the safest, not just the cheapest.

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