Officer Leath’s mom urges people to ‘Be like Bre’


INDIANAPOLIS — Jennifer Leath takes her grief one day, sometimes one hour at a time following the tragic death of IMPD Officer Breann Leath.

She relies on her faith and her family to help her move forward.

She spoke exclusively with CBS4 following a special ceremony for Officer Leath at Crown Hill Cemetery. The Leath Family and some of Bre’s closest friends met with the families of Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Pickett and Terre Haute Officer Robert Shawn Pitts, who understand their grief intimately.

“Today is so pretty, and it’s such an honor today, it was fitting today that we meet them at the cemetery,” Jennifer said.

During our interview, Leath also proudly held up the Medal of Honor presented to the family Monday from the Law Enforcement Medal of Honor Committee.

The sunshine and warmth of the day encompassed Leath’s family and friends as they reflected on the many special qualities of Bre, especially on this first Memorial Day without her.

Bre served in the U.S. Army National Guard as well as the honor guard.

“That was a huge honor for her,” Jennifer explained. “She just really had a heart for people in general, and it’s just… this world’s missing her.”

Bre made life better for those around her, and that is something our community sorely misses.

“She had her own bills to pay too, but she made it a mission of every, at least every paycheck I know for sure, to do something extra for somebody else,” Jennifer proudly recalled.

Jennifer remembers one time a man in need was on the receiving end of Bre’s compassion.

“She had called me on the phone one day to ask me if this certain, I don’t even remember the brand of it, was okay to cook on an open fire,” Leath remembered. “I said, ‘I don’t know Breann, why?’

“I was just thinking that she was going to go camping because that was a discussion we had had prior. Come to find out, she had bought that because her concern was the gentleman that she was going to buy that for possibly could be cooking outside.”

Her mother said she never realized why she asked about the pots and pans until after she died.

“She wanted to make sure that that set of pots and pans would be durable for something like that,” Leath said. “I’m blown away at the fact that she thought that far ahead or that bigger picture to even think of something that seems insignificant. But, we didn’t even know the significance of that question until after Breann had been killed, obviously.”

Bre’s choices should serve as a reminder to all of us that one person can change the world. Each of us can “Be Like Bre.”

“The Be Like Bre movement is something that benefits somebody and somebody benefits from somebody else’s kindness,” Jennifer explained.

Though Bre is human like the rest of us, her faith acted as a light within her radiating compassion across Indianapolis.

“She was an exceptional person, and she was a true joy to be around,” Jennifer said. “I know her dad and I feel honored that God let us be her parents.”

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