Occupy protest held at IMPD Northwest District headquarters

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INDIANAPOLIS- The special prosecutor appointed to the Dreasjon Reed case has now asked for a grand jury to decide whether Officer Dejoure Mercer should face charges.

On Friday, the parking lot outside IMPD’s Northwest district headquarters was taken over by protesters.

“Today we’re out here to occupy them just to let them know we haven’t forgot what you did,” said Joshua Griffin.

Griffin said he was close with Dreasjon Reed, who was his cousin.

It’s been more than 3 months since Reed was shot and killed by an officer from this district, after police say Reed fired his gun twice. Reed’s family says he didn’t fire his gun, and just hours before the protest it was announced a grand jury will hear the case.

“We are happy that the prosecutor asked for a grand jury, but even then we have mixed emotions about that,” Griffin said.

“It is uncommon and it is a hopeful sign for the family’s claims, in that they’re proceeding with an investigation,” said Indianapolis attorney Craig Karpe.

Karpe represented the family of Aaron Bailey, who was shot and killed by IMPD in 2017. He says the move by the prosecutor takes the decision off her hands.

“I think because this is a case that’s gotten some press, the prosecutor wants to show that they’re taking it seriously,” Karpe said.

Meanwhile, one police officer who came out to talk with protesters was met with strong questioning from the crowd, who say they’ll be out here until there’s justice for Dreasjon.

“We’re here, we’re at the mayor’s, we’re at the statehouse, we’re gonna’ be at every single place we need to be until there’s justice for Dreasjon and Mchale (Rose),” said Zion Smith with Indy 10 Black Lives Matter.

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