We made it through a cold, blustery Halloween. We’ve now flipped the calendar over to November! Our average high temperature on the 1st of the month (today) is 58°. That will fall to 46° by the 30th. Near the end of the month, our average low temperature will fall below freezing. We also lose 54 minutes of daylight over the course of the month.

We’re starting off the month cold with temperatures that will fall well-below average for this time of year. However, this will still be an improvement over yesterday. Skies will turn mostly sunny, winds will be lighter and temperatures will be a little warmer. Highs will peak in the mid 40s this afternoon.

Our jet stream is flattening out and retreating north over the coming days. This will lead to milder air moving back in. Temperatures will be gradually warming through the rest of the week and into the weekend. Temperatures will be back into the low and mid 60s Saturday and Sunday.