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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 26, 2015)– An assistant swim coach for North Central High School was arrested. He faces a felony charge of child seduction as a care worker and is accused of fondling or touching a 16-year-old child.

Police say they were advised that Matthew Carrington, 36, sent inappropriate text messages to the 16-year-old victim. Police opened an investigation after the teen’s mother noticed the inappropriate text messages. Cell phones were collected and the victim was interviewed.

“It can  happen anywhere, but it’s sad to hear it happen at a place I’m attached to,” said North Central Alumni Herb Goins.
Goins  says it’s a sad day to be a Panther. His children also graduated from North Central.
“It’s upsetting when someone violates your trust, especially someone who you expect to have some higher standards,” said Goins.

Carrington allegedly sent the victim at least one inappropriate photo.  He is also accused of touching the student in a sexual manner on school property in January.

“I feel sorry for the girl involved and the coach involved that he would do anything like that,” said Mary  Ellen Cahill, who works near North Central High School.

 “You kind of break that trust when you hear something like that,” said Parent Gene Kormos.

Police say Carrington did not want to do an interview with officers and he was taken into custody. He would not answer questions without an attorney.

CBS4 went to Carrington’s house for answers, but nobody opened the door.

“It’s a good school and to have it marred like this is sad​,” said Cahill.

Court documents show the assistant coach told the victim, “I want to feel every inch of you, kiss every inch of you, wow, can you tell how I feel right now?”

Carrington is expected in court Friday morning.

Washington Township Schools released the following statement:

“Mr. Matthew R. Carrington was a lay coach employee as Assistant High School Swim Coach at North Central High School since December 19, 2012. Mr. Carrington was only employed as an Assistant Coach in the district, he was not otherwise employed as a teacher or other staff member. His employment was terminated on February 24, 2015, and he will not be permitted to serve as a volunteer.”

“The summary of the reasons why the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township (“MSD Washington”) terminated Mr. Carrington’s employment is that he engaged in inappropriate and unacceptable communications for an employee/coach of MSD Washington to a student/athlete.”

“As a school district we take interactions of all staff, inclusive of lay coaches, with our students very seriously. Additionally, we train our coaching staff on our expectations, inclusive of communications, at the start of each athletic season in accordance with our School Board Policy #4213. Student safety and welfare continue to be our priority.”