Non-profit helping new, struggling mothers in need


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- A local non-profit is making sure mothers in need are prepared. The Little Timmy Project on the city’s east side has been handing out thousands of diapers and connecting families to resources.

“If you’re coming to us because you need help, we’re going to give you help,” said Katie Kirkoff,” co-founder of The Little Timmy Project.

A couple years ago, Katie Kirkoff and Steffany Stoeffler started the non-profit to help give struggling new moms the supplies they need.  During the pandemic, these months have been the busiest.

“We have so many moms reaching out to us who have been out of work this whole time who can’t afford formula, who can’t afford diapers, who don’t have clothes, who have multiple kids who don’t have clothing items,” said Kirkoff.

Katie, Steffany and a team of volunteers have been dropping off items to moms and even doing diaper drive-thrus once a week on the city’s east side.

“So, we had 40 families to sign up which we worked through community partners to get, they would come through the drive-thru and we would put diapers in their trunk,” said Kirkoff.

In 9 weeks, the team handed out more than 30,000 diapers.  All the diapers were donated from local organizations and kind strangers.  The women knew they needed to do more.

“It’s a space in a church and right now it looks like nothing,” said Kirkoff.

There will now be a room at Cornerstone Lutheran Church dedicated to The Little Timmy Project.  The room will be a place where moms can come for supplies and for help getting connected to resources.

“The need is there and it’s now greater than ever,” said Kirkoff.

The Little Timmy Project is named after Katie’s son who she lost at just 5 weeks.

“This is how I can honor him every single day and it just makes me feel so good and my heart so full and that’s why keeping doing it,” said Kirkoff.

Turning grief into generosity, with each box of diapers, these two women are making a big difference.

“It’s so amazing at the end of the day have these moms, no one has ever helped me like this, and we love that,” said Kirkoff.

The Little Timmy Project plans to be moved into Cornerstone Lutheran Church at 2837 E. New York Street within the next couple of weeks.

If you need help, know someone who needs help or if you’re interested in donating, more information can be found here.

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