Noblesville residents concerned after woman says coyotes killed her dog

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind.  — Concerns in a Noblesville neighborhood are growing after fears a coyote may have killed a homeowner’s dog.

A woman living in Noblesville’s Lochaven neighborhood posted in the Nextdoor app that coyotes mauled and killed her dog. The revelation prompted many responses from neighbors remarking on sightings and frequent close calls with coyotes.

“You hear of people seeing them often. Personally, I would never let my dog outside by itself,” Lisa Evans said.

In parts of the neighborhood some owners say they see the animals on a near daily basis.

“I understand that we’ve encroached on their land with our building, but we are here living, and now it’s starting to get a little nerve-wracking. And I just worry about little children because we see them during the day too.”

The Department of Natural Resources says while attacks are less common, coyotes are in just about every Indiana neighborhood.

“Honestly, there probably aren’t any neighborhoods in Indiana where there aren’t coyotes, so this should be everybody that’s thinking about these things.” Geriann Albers with the Department of Natural Resources said.

Albers says often when coyotes attack, they’re looking for food.

“They really thrive in urban areas because there’s a lot of food for them,” she said.

Albers says you can also trap the animals yourselves or hire a nuisance wildlife control operator to get them out, but both options will cost money. In the meantime, Albers recommends keeping food sources, such as animal food or bird feeders, out of your backyard.

Motion-activated lights will normally scare coyotes off, as will loud noises such as clapping or screaming.

“Most of the time coyotes stay away from people. They’re scared, so they mostly avoid us…and we always tell people to encourage that behavior. So if they do see one in their yard, they want to try to scare it,” Albers said.

For more information on how to deal with coyotes, you can click here.

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