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Editor’s note: The video above was provided by the Noblesville Police Department. FOX59 edited the video only to remove profanity. Viewer discretion is advised.

NOBLESVILLE, Ind.– Body camera footage from a shooting involving a Noblesville police officer was released Thursday.

The shooting happened on July 21 in the 600 block of S. 5th Street just after 5 a.m. Officers responded to a domestic battery report and multiple disturbance calls involving someone with active warrants.

When officers arrived, there was no response from the home. Police say officers then heard yelling coming from the west and encountered a man and his girlfriend walking back towards the residence.

That man, 41-year-old Karmen Parrish, was then shot by Sgt. Jordan Granger of the Noblesville Police Department.

The footage shows Parrish walking towards officers after they ordered him to stop and get on the ground. Parrish was shot after the video appears to show him raising his arms quickly.

Editor’s note: The video below was provided by the Noblesville Police Department. CBS4 edited the video only to remove profanity. Viewer discretion is advised.

Karmen Parrish

Parrish did not have a gun at the time of the shooting, according to the video.

After receiving medical treatment, Parrish was arrested for outstanding warrants. Domestic battery charges in connection with the original disturbance call on July 21 have been filed, Noblesville police said.

In releasing the body cam footage, the Noblesville Police Department said, “This statement is not to be confused with the investigative findings by the Carmel Police Department.” Audio from 911 calls were also provided.

“While this is an unfortunate ending to any public safety call for assistance, this type of incident is a difficult reality of policing and one which needs to be fully and professionally investigated both internally and by independent, outside agencies,” said Noblesville Police Chief John Mann. “The Noblesville Police Department has completed our own internal administrative investigation. The Carmel Police Department has conducted its own criminal investigation, and has turned over its findings to the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office for review. Throughout the process, our department has fully cooperated with the investigation.

Mann said he is confident that the end result of the investigation will show Sgt. Granger acted “in a lifesaving and appropriate manner in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana and the City of Noblesville.”

Sgt. Granger has returned to active duty following the department’s internal investigation.