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FISHERS, Ind. — A Noblesville man finally has an ICU bed at IU Health’s Methodist Hospital following a week in IU Health Saxony’s ICU. Peter Van Schoick, 39, entered the ICU with pneumonia and sepsis – not COVID-19.

Van Schoick’s family told us it was clear he would need more intense treatment than Saxony could provide.

“IU Saxony has done a stupendous job,” Katie Vienneau, Peter’s ex-wife, said. “We love them, they’ve done an amazing job. They’re advocating for him as hard as they can. They’re doing everything within their power to make sure that he gets where he needs to get.”

Van Schoick is a father of two children, whom he shares with Vienneau, and is fully vaccinated. Vienneau told us the reason he could not get immediate transport to IU Health Methodist is that they did not have room for him.

“We are in this position because of the ICUs downtown, the ICUs across the nation, across Indianapolis, everywhere,” Vienneau said. “The hospital system is so overtaxed. It is stretched beyond capacity directly as a result of COVID.”

Per the Indiana State Department of Health’s most recent update, 12% of ICU beds are available across the state. Finally, after many people rallied together in support of Van Schoick, he received word an ICU bed was available for him on Monday afternoon.

“I know there were a lot of people out there praying that this was the concrete thing that was going to happen next, and this is what we needed to happen,” Vienneau said. “Peter going into an ICU bed means someone else doesn’t. Our fortune is someone else’s heartbreak right now. The message is the same, you have to protect your community.”

For Vienneau, protecting the community means signing up for the shot.

“If you have it in your ability, get vaccinated,” Vienneau said. “Don’t let this happen to other people.”

IU Health did not take any questions today but did release this statement:

Due to HIPAA privacy laws, we are unable to provide information regarding a patient’s transfer status. Any transfers within and outside of IU Health are based on a patient’s level of acuity. 

Currently, our hospitals are caring for a large volume of patients, including those with COVID-19 and other serious illnesses and injuries.