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TIPTON COUNTY, Ind. — Nine people are arrested after a methamphetamine bust in Tipton County. The investigation by the sheriff’s office began earlier this month.

Deputies said they were tipped off by a member of the community that the suspects were selling crystal meth at various locations including a hotel and an apartment one block away from the sheriff’s office.

Surveillance was conducted near the locations. Deputies caught some of the suspects through traffic stops. In one case, two young children were in the car. Deputies said Child Protective Services was called to assist.

Inside the apartment, deputies found crystal meth, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia.

“We see heroin, but meth seems to be our drug of choice for people in this county,” said Tipton County Sheriff’s Deputy, Joe Farinella.

The pure crystal meth form is making a resurgence in many communities like Tipton County.

“We call it “Cartel-meth”, coming from Mexico or any of these big labs. you can tell a big difference in the two of them, because the one-pot meth is just a white powder, kinda sticky and then the what I call the “Cartel-meth” is more of a crystal,” Farinella explained.

He said one reason for the popularity could be because of new state laws, making it more difficult and more expensive for drug dealers to get their hands on pseudophedrine. Instead of producing meth in the “one-pot” format, dealers are getting pure crystal meth from suppliers.

The bust is one of the largest the county has seen in recent years. Right now, there are 13 deputies in the sheriff’s department, 12 officers with the Tipton City Police Department, and a few town marshals. The sheriff’s department doesn’t have a drug unit. Farinella said with very little resources, they have the police department and prosecutors office to thank for their help.

“Nine people for a community the size that we are, and a department the size that we are, I would say that’s very substantial,” Farinella said.

The following people were arrested in the drug bust:

  • Shane Turner, 29, Tipton – 2 counts of possession of methamphetamine, intimidation on a law enforcement officer, 2 counts of resisting law enforcement, and disorderly conduct.
  • Jason Noble, 29, Elwood- possession of methamphetamine.
  • Marcus Mitchell, 25, Canton, Ohio- possession of marijuana.
  • Andrew Vanhorn, 28, Tipton- 2 counts of possession of methamphetamine, possession of crack cocaine, and maintaining a common nuisance.
  • Nora Thrush-Lee, 37, Cicero- possession of methamphetamine, possession of a syringe, 2 counts of neglect of a dependent, and possession or marijuana.
  • Megan Egle, 29, Tipton -3 counts of possession of methamphetamine and possession of a syringe.
  • Tyler Isenhower, 21, Tipton- dealing methamphetamine and dealing in a look-a-like substance.
  • Kacey Rodaruck – possession of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a syringe.
  • Kacy Horton- possession of a controlled substance.

Deputies said this investigation is ongoing. They encourage members of the community to give tips by calling 765-675-0788.