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CARMEL, Ind. (November 9, 2015) – Dogs in central Indiana are starting have regenerative stem cell therapy done to heal arthritis and other joint-related problems.

Dr. David Carter, Owner of Carter Veterinary Medical Center, performed his first three surgeries two weeks ago and believes there is only one other vet in central Indiana doing the surgery.

“It’s just coming now to the small animal veterinary medicine,” Carter said. “Instead of going in for a hip replacement. We’re gonna do stem cells. It’s half the cost and we’re actually going to repair and regenerate the tissues that are already there instead of taking out the bones and putting in metal.”

Connie Granger’s dog Lilly had the surgery. A veterinarian recommended Lilly for a hip replacement a few years ago, but he family decided against it be cause of the recovery process and costs. Granger said she saw results after the stem cell therapy.

“It was amazing how she functioned immediately after the surgery,” Granger said.

To get the stem cells, Dr. Carter takes out about a baseballs worth of fat out of the dog’s abdomen. He then puts the fat into tubes and after a variety of treatments the stem cells separate.

He then injects the cells back into the joints where the dog is having problems.

“These are all the natural healing repair processes that the body goes through,” Carter said. “The alternatives are surgery, hip replacements and synthetic drugs.”

Granger said the surgery has already improved Lilly’s quality of life.

“She’s running more she’s just a happier dog,” Granger said.  “She would be more of a passive observer and now she’s participant in her life again.”

Dr. Carter is accepting appointments for the surgery now.