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New tool allows Muncie residents to report potholes online

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MUNCIE, Ind. — As newly appointed Muncie city officials work to put a long-term road repair plan in place, residents will be able to help by using a new tool to report issues.

The mapping tool, developed in conjunction with Delaware County officials, allows residents to input their information and report potholes or other road issues. The reports show up on a map and change status as they are addressed by the city’s street department.

Marlon Glass contacted FOX59 about his frustration over Muncie’s roads. Glass has begun taking photos of large potholes all over town.

” I have to continually do repairs on my vehicles because of the roads,” Glass said. “It’s costly for me, and it’s costly for anybody else driving on the roads.”

City engineer Brian Stephens-Hotopp, who took over as part of Muncie’s new administration in January, said he understood residents’ concerns and hoped to address them as soon as possible.

“One of the benefits of this tool is it helps us identify where there really are stretches of road that have a lot of potholes or are in disrepair,” Stephens-Hotopp said.

According to Stephens-Hotopp, Muncie does not have a long-term master plan for road repairs; data collected from the mapping tool will help develop one.

“Really we need to be looking at a four to five year plan and making sure we’re budgeting for that, and then we can start communicating with the community,” Stephens-Hotopp said.

For now, crews are working to repair any reported potholes within 72 hours.

Glass spoke up because his commute every day along Wheeling Road, which is partially under construction, has become increasingly frustrating.

“This year’s been the worst year ever,” Glass said.

He started reporting the potholes and hoped that relief will come soon under new leadership.

“Someone has to say, ‘Okay, let’s get something done,'” Glass said.

You can check out the city’s new mapping tool and report any issues at the link here.

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