New nonprofit gives Hoosiers a ride down memory lane

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. It’s a worldwide movement allowing seniors a trip down memory lane. “Cycling Without Age” started in Denmark, but it made its way to the Indiana last year.

“The motto for Cycling Without Age is ‘The right to the wind in your hair,’” explained Indy chapter Vice President Brad Bolling.

His mother Evelyn is 88-years-young, and up until a few months ago, she had never been on a bicycle.

That was until Cycling Without Age rolled into the Circle City.

“I like being out in nature, and I like hearing the leaves and the birds,” Evelyn said.

Volunteers offer free rides to those in their later years and those who are mobility challenged at various trails using an electric-powered trishaw. The bike is specifically designed for those who have trouble getting around.

“It’s got a removable footplate in the front so they can easily get into the bike.  Physically if someone can sit and stand, they can ride this,” Bolling explained.

The nonprofit serves five retirement homes around the Indy area. To find out more about how you can volunteer to pilot the bikes, click here. 

Cycling Without Age Open Ride

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