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INDIANAPOLIS – We’re just over six months into the 18 month closure of the North Split. While all of the construction and closed streets can be a cause for headaches, we’re being reminded of why all of this work will be worth the wait.

More than 40 old downtown bridges will transform into this new, updated look.

Photo provided by INDOT and

“That is what our whole, new North Split is going to look like,” said Mallory Duncan, the strategic communications director for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).

Duncan wants drivers to know that there’s much more to the North Split reconstruction project than just the work along I-65 and I-70.

“It’s going to be very unified downtown,” she added.

She’s talking about the look of the bridges and underpasses as seen in these designs. It’ll include easily visible street names, sidewalks for pedestrians and bright lighting.

“We’ve done a lot of different surveys with the public. We’ve done a lot of different public outreach,” said Duncan.

The people who live in these areas have played a big role and will continue to do so. The neighborhood associations are working with consultants to decide on what local artwork will be featured in the several green spaces surrounding the bridges.

A collaboration businesses like Kaffeine Coffee Co. are onboard with.

“It looks like there’s a little more green space. We’ll get more foot traffic which is always nice too,” said Mary Keller, the manager of Kaffeine Coffee Co.

The coffee shop, along with the hair salon Witch Hazel, are both located steps away from the St. Clair Street bridge. Construction has created a challenge. However, both local spots look forward to the spruced up space.

“We’ve figured it out as we’ve gone,” said Witch Hazel Owner Sarah Moscato-Goodpaster, “Anything to make our downtown area more appealing to people, especially driving through.”

While it’ll be nice to look at, the designs are also intended to soften the appearance of sound barriers along the highway.

“It’ll just be a whole different feel,” said Duncan.

The neighborhood associations have until Dece. 10 to help decide final artwork and green space plans.

The North Split construction is expected to be complete by late fall 2022. However, the work on aesthetics will continue into the following year.

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