New information in Thanksgiving Eve road rage death points to targeted homicide


Derrick Gregory

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– When Derrick Gregory’s pickup truck crashed on westbound I-70 at I-465 on the city’s east side last Thanksgiving Eve, Indiana State troopers thought they had a road rage death on their hands.

After all, the windshield and driver’s side door of Gregory’s truck was riddled with bullet holes.

But now, a year later, investigators have developed new information and a theory the points toward the targeted killing of the 30-year-old bachelor electrician by someone he knew or had been in an encounter with.

“He was driving down the street and someone shot him,” said Chrissy Gregory, who described her brother as lighthearted and easygoing. “What was he doing to deserve that? What had gone on for that series of events to transpire? It’s mind boggling.”

Word that evidence and information point to a possible targeted killing provides some answers to Gregory’s family.

“I know that means someone was out to get my brother and they got him. That’s what I know that means. I don’t know why,” said Chrissy. “That’s the thing that keeps you up at night. Did he make someone mad enough to…? Even if he did make someone that angry to shoot him in that manner that many times he was shot at makes it inconceivable.”

While sits down to a Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday, Chrissy Gregory will leave an empty place at her table.

If you spotted the crash of Gregory’s truck at about 6:30 p.m. last Nov. 25, or saw him in the late afternoon that day, call Crimestoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

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