INDIANAPOLIS — New data from the Indiana Department of Education shows fewer high schoolers are graduating, indicating that the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to show substantial academic impacts.

The data released Wednesday shows 86.69% of students in the Class of 2021 graduating. In comparison, before the pandemic, Indiana had an 87.29% graduation rate.

The department says the graduation rates correspond with research showing the academic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are substantial across schools, academic subjects and demographic groups.

IDOE said the study showed students in elementary and middle schools across the state experienced significant academic impact for mathematics and moderate to significant impact in English and language arts.

Education and state leaders are looking at ways to address the academic impact of COVID-19. This includes awarding $35.2 million in state and federal funds to 123 schools and community partners around the state as part of the Indiana Student Learning Recovery Grant Program.

The grant provides a financial resource to schools and community partners across the state. Many of the first-round recipients used their grants for summer and fall learning recovery, and are continuing to use those resources to improve and accelerate student learning outside of an average school day.

Indiana Secretary of Education Dr. Katie Jenner says educators, families, and community leaders are continuing to work to be difference-makers in our students’ lives, preparing them not only for graduation but for the rapidly-changing world that awaits.

“Looking ahead into 2022 and beyond, we must continue to work together to ensure our students earn their high school diploma and have access to intentional post-secondary credentials in high school. This mission takes all of us as we strive to make an impact on our students’ lives, now and well into the future,” said Dr. Jenner.

You can find out graduation rates for all Indiana schools below. If it does not appear, you can click this link for a full view.