New court records shed light on what led to triple murder, 5 teen arrests

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Newly unsealed court records are shedding new light on what led up to a triple murder in Indianapolis.

Five teens are now charged with taking part in the crime that left three men dead.

The crime took place in mid-July at the Somerset Lakes Apartments. Investigators say a drug-related robbery erupted into violence.

Prosecutors believe it all started when a 15-year-old suspect contacted 18-year-old Stanley Williams who suggested they rob one of the victims, Justin Crowder.

According to court records, “Justin was known to have one or two pounds of marijuana and lots of money.”

With 18-year-old Devante Gilbert serving solely as a driver, the trio allegedly picked up two more men, identified as 18-year-old Martell Williams and 18-year-old Troy Ward, because those two had the guns needed to pull off the stick-up.

According to the affidavit, Martell and Troy, along with the 15-year-old plotted to go inside and grab the victim’s safe, while Stanley and Devante stayed outside in the car the entire time.

Their mistake was assuming that Crowder was home alone at the time.

During the robbery, Crowder got shot in the hallway. Jordan Wright grabbed a samurai sword to defend himself before also being shot and Dominique Miller was shot to death in a bedroom where one witness survived by hiding under the covers.

All three men were shot in the head and chest.

According to court records, both the 15-year-old and Devante Gilbert are cooperating and confessed they overheard Troy state that he “Smoked all three of them” and then yelled out, “I’m a murderer. I’m a murderer. Everybody in that house is dead.”

After leaving the scene of the crime, the 15-year-old showed up to Methodist Hospital with a gunshot wound. That allowed detectives to quickly connect him to the case and later track down the other suspects.

For now, the 15-year-old suspect remains in juvenile court. Unlike the other four, he has not been charged as an adult, so his name is not being released.

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