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NDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Last month, 25-year-old Jordan King died after being dragged almost 100 feet by a car, allegedly by the man she went to buy heroin from. But in the days following her death, her family worried that suspect might not be held directly responsible for her death.

“We just wanted to make sure our daughter had the right kind of justice,” said Jordan’s mother, Lisa King.

Jordan was found on the side of Martin Luther King Jr. Street on the near west side last month, after police say she’d been dragged by a moving car. She died a week later.

“We didn’t want her death just to be looked at as just another, somebody who had a drug addiction and eh, this happened, and everyone just moves on from it,” said Lisa.

Police arrested 22-year-old Austin Blevins, who court documents show had just sold heroin to Jordan. Those same documents say there was blood found on the passenger door of Blevin’s car, along with a trail of blood leading up to where Jordan was found. But the coroner ruled her death accidental, and Blevins was only charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death.

In January, the Kings said Blevins was getting off easy. But now, citing new evidence, prosecutors are charging Blevins with more counts, including reckless homicide, a felony.

“We stayed on them, I mean we were calling and emailing and having meetings,” said Jordan’s father, Gar King. He says they stayed on top of authorities, making sure Jordan’s case stayed on their minds.

They know these new charges won’t bring their daughter back, but at least now they and Jordan might be able to rest a little more peacefully.

“I mean she was our daughter, that’s why we did what we did,” said Gar, “we love her, and we still love her today.”