New Castle skate park vandalized while under construction

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NEW CASTLE, Ind.-  Vandals hit a park before it even opens.  Sometime Tuesday night, vandals spray painted graffiti on a ramp at the skate park in New Castle.

“When people do stupid things it doesn’t help matters at all,” explains Greg York, New Castle mayor.

Piles of dirt, workers and equipment surround the $300,000 project.   The skate park is supposed to be a place to help keep kids out of trouble and unfortunately trouble already found a way in.

“I don’t appreciate them doing, don’t like it. It’s not the right thing to do,” explains Rickie Curnett, a bike rider.

Surveillance cameras are installed on nearby posts but officials tell us at the time they weren’t recording.  The city is in the process of connecting all the cameras under one system.  There are also more cameras being installed at the skate park, pools, basketball courts and the cemetery.

“We’re serious about this and we want to catch them. I hope they turn themselves in. I hope they feel guilty enough that they turn themselves in,” explains Mayor York.

Crews cleaned up the mess the next morning, but the Mayor York says that doesn’t erase the crime.

“It’s time that we make some people that do some vandalism take ownership,” explains Mayor York.

The state of the art skate park is expected to open next month.  It’s been in the works for three years, and that’s why Mayor York doesn’t think any boarders or bikers were responsible for the vandalism.

“Because they’re proud of it and they want to take care of their baby. They’ve asked for this for a long time and they’re going to step up and literally take care of something they’re very fond of,” explains Mayor York.

New Castle Police have stepped up patrols around the skate park and other parks throughout the city.  When these vandals are caught, the list of community service is ready.

“We have toilets in the park that need cleaned. We have some branches that need to be cut up. We just want justice done for our community park,” explains Mayor York.

At least one lead is currently being investigated.  There is a $500 reward for any information that helps catch these vandals.

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