New Castle man arrested after police say he shot a dog


Jeffery Jones

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Roberts was sentenced to 180 days in jail (the sentence was suspended) and fined $25 plus court costs. The court also ordered his handgun to be destroyed.


HENRY COUNTY, Ind. — A New Castle man was arrested for allegedly shooting his neighbor’s dog and lying to police about it on Monday, May 23.

Police responded to the 1100 block of North 525 West around 7:21 p.m. to investigate the report of the dog being shot.

When officers arrived, they found the dog bleeding profusely from its front left paw on a front porch, according to court documents. Deputies stabilized the dog until it was taken to receive medical treatment.

The witness who reported the shooting told authorities that Jeffrey N. Jones, 47, shot the dog from inside his backyard fence. He also said the dog was not being aggressive and was on its owner’s property at the time.

4 Fast Facts:

  • Jeffrey N. Jones, 47, has been charged with false informing and criminal recklessness after police say he shot his neighbors dog and lied about it.
  • Police were made aware of the situation by a neighbor.
  • Jones originally told officers that his wife had shot the dog.
  • He eventually admitted to being the one to fire the shot with a .38 caliber revolver.

Jones originally told law enforcement that his wife shot the dog because it was acting aggressive toward children playing in a nearby pool, documents say. But Jones and his wife provided conflicting accounts of what happened.

Jones’ wife eventually admitted to police that it was her husband who shot the dog, after police told her she could be charged with criminal recklessness with a firearm.

Jones also later admitted to being the one who fired the shot with a 0.38 caliber revolver. Police also said he smelled strongly of alcohol at the time.

Jones has been charged with false informing and criminal recklessness.

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