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Robert Ferguson, a personal fitness trainer and a health ambassador with a group out of California, called Stayhealthy, believes it’s time to retire the BMI…body mass index measurement.  He claims there is a more accurate way to measure ones self….And it’s more motivating: the body fact index.

“We’ve learned through psychology and focal groups, that if I tell a person that they’re obese, they won’t do anything,” says Ferguson. “ But if you say, they have excess fat, they’ll say, how do I get rid of it.  That’s a game changer.”

Ferguson claims most health organizations concur the body mass index is antiquated. He says the body fact index is backed by science: the scans that measure bone density. DEXA scan can also accurately measure fat.

“We took over 20,000 DEXA scan and we created an algorithm that will meet everyone right where they are. You put in basic information and we are right on point.” says Ferguson.

The other feature of this app, along with food and exercise diaries, are the graphics that show what your percentage of fat looks like covering your vital organs.

“What if you could see what your heart, your liver at that percentage of fat?” says Ferguson.  “If you could see that, that would scare you real time.”

To learn more about the BFI and Stayhealthy, click here.



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