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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The nephew of notorious Indiana gangster John Dillinger filed a new request to exhume his body.

According to documents from the Indiana State Department of Health, the latest request was made on Sept. 23 with a new exhumation date. The application was filed by Michael Thompson, Dillinger’s nephew.

A previous request filed Sept. 9 had a wrong date, requiring the family to resubmit the application.

The State Department of Health must still approve the application. There was no timetable for how long the process would take.

“We will not stop seeking the truth no matter how big the hurdle,” said Travis Thompson, Michael Thompson’s son, in a statement to CBS4.

The family had worked over the summer to have Dillinger’s remains exhumed as part of a documentary for the History Channel. However, the cable network announced last week that it had called off the documentary.

In addition, Crown Hill Cemetery opposed the exhumation, saying in a statement that it had a “duty to ensure the safety and integrity of the cemetery.”

Michael Thompson said in a statement last week that he didn’t plan to postpone the efforts to exhume the remains. He believes there is reason to doubt that Dillinger is buried at Crown Hill and hopes to end years of speculation about the gangster’s fate.

The FBI maintains that Dillinger died in a shootout at the Biograph Theatre in 1934.

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