Neighbors upset over speed limit changes in Greenfield

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GREENFIELD, Ind. (Jan. 22, 2015)- The City of Greenfield has changed the speed limit on one stretch of road, but neighbors are confused. The speed limit signs are still the same.

Police Chief John Jester says the city recently took over McKenzie Road from Franklin to Meridian Streets. They annexed the one mile stretch of the road from Hancock County.  Jester says the road, under the county ownership, was 55 miles per hour (mph).

When the city took over the road, Jester says they wanted the speed limit to match the rest of the main roads in the city.

“County road speed limits are normally higher than what a city street speed limit is. You’ve got less traffic on them normally.” He says the city initially changed the speed limit from 55 mph, down to 30 mph.

The Greenfield Police Department conducted a traffic survey to determine if 30 mph was a reasonable speed limit for the road.

“We legally just can’t go out and say it’s 15 mph because that’s what this person would like to see,” said Jester.

The survey comprised of a traffic counter, which followed the direction of travel, types of vehicles on the road, and the speed limit each vehicle was traveling. After following the traffic patterns, the police department determined 30 mph didn’t make sense. Jester says 85 percent of people were traveling at 50 mph on the road.

Neighbors say they’re not surprised people would drive that fast on McKenzie, but believe 50 mph is just too fast.
“The traffic is so crazy. I would be afraid if my dog got out or I had kids visiting, they could get ran over,” said Lisa Hayes.
The speed limit signs have yet to be changed and most people in the community didn’t know the speed limit increased. Police say to continue following the speed limit signs until they are changed to 50 mph.

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