Neighbor’s surveillance cameras help Greenfield police arrest woman in arson case


Aftermath of fire in Greenfield

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UPDATE (Oct. 5, 2020) — Donya Jordan pleaded guilty to burglary. All other charges against her were dropped as part of a plea agreement. She was sentenced to 6 years, with the first 2 executed in the Department of Correction and the remaining 2 with Hancock County Community Corrections. An additional 2 years were suspended to probation.

GREENFIELD, Ind.- A woman has been arrested for setting a Greenfield home on fire.  Just before midnight on Saturday, neighbors smelled a bit of smoke and minutes later saw flames.

“It was engulfed. Luckily no one was there,” said William Appleget, a neighbor.

Firefighters responded to the home on Forest Avenue and it didn’t take long for investigators to figure out this fire was no accident. Officials believe the fire started in a bedroom and was intentionally set.

“It’s the fact that they’re putting the community in danger. It’s the fact that they’re putting firefighters in danger,” said Corey Breese with the Greenfield Fire Department.

Less than three days later, police arrested 44-year-old Donya Jordan. Investigators say Jordan is the ex-girlfriend of the man who lives in the home and she may not have realized it, but she was caught at the scene that night.

“I got her on that one right there,” said Appleget.

Investigators told CBS4 that home surveillance video helped them connect Jordan to this crime.  William Appleget couldn’t believe his footage ended up being evidence.

“I was very happy, very happy. I caught everything. From her coming up, getting out, everything,” said Appleget.

Fire officials say the footage recovered shows Jordan multiple times throughout the night at the home even coming back while firefighters were there trying to put out the fire.

“Somebody could’ve been hurt, had there been somebody home, we could be having a completely different conversation right now. So that part leads to a little bit of anger,” said Breese.

In just the past month, there have been two house fires that have been declared arson.  In both cases, nearby surveillance video proved to be a big clue as investigators tracked down the suspects.

The home is a total loss. There was a dog inside the home at the time of the fire that was able to escape.

Jordan is facing arson charges.

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