Neighbors raise concerns about upkeep of Marsh stores amidst potential closures

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BROAD RIPPLE, Ind. — While dozen of Marsh stores face potential closures, some neighbors are raising concerns about the upkeep of the buildings.

Wednesday night, the lawn was tidy and trim outside the store at 62nd and Keystone. The store hasn’t been slated for permanent closure but is one of the locations that would close if the company can’t find a buyer in 60 days.

“When we moved here years ago and Marsh built here they kept this green space lovely,” Tracy Luke, a neighbor, said.

Luke said just days ago it was a different scene.

“It was this high,” she said. “And you can see that poor little evergreen had been inundated with weeds and roots and everything,” she said.

So Luke and her husband took matters into their own hands. They got out their lawn mowers and weed whackers and went to work for about 15 hours.

“People appreciated it and I hate it for Marsh. I hate that they’re losing jobs, I hate that they’re closing stores, I hate all of that but when you own a property just like when you own a home property you’ve got to maintain it,” Luke said.

A spokesperson for Marsh released this statement:

“Marsh takes seriously our responsibility to the communities we serve, and that means maintaining a safe and clean environment at all of our locations, regardless of their operational status.  We are unaware of any issues at these locations but will immediately look into the matter.”

The mayor’s office said Marsh stores are private property. Some the company owns and some the company rents space for. It’s up to the property owner to care for the property.

Luke said Wednesday someone else did take care of the property. She discovered the lawn had been mowed.

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