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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — Some neighbors in Zionsville are celebrating after traffic lights finally come to what they say is a dangerous intersection.

The intersection is at Greenfield Rd. and U.S. 421 in Zionsville. Brady Shepard lives nearby and travels that way every day.

”It was super dangerous and worried me a whole bunch,” Shepard said.

She said there are plenty of times when she’s seen close calls.

”Oh my gosh, tons of almost accidents,” Shepard said.

Near the end of October, Shepard said traffic lights were installed, making the intersection much safer than when it was just a two way stop going East and West, with nothing stopping traffic going North and South.

”It was pretty scary when it was just a two way stop, people going North and South had no regard for the people trying to cross,” Shepard said.

Shepard was so excited she posted on Facebook about it, seeing dozens of comments with the same relief and excitement.

”I saw people saying it’s been 30 years since they needed this,” she said.

Katie Reasoner is also feeling the relief, especially after she’s seen just how dangerous this intersection can be.

”Saw two cars flip down the yard just behind me, it was very frightening, and I was the first one to call 911,” Reasoner said.

A Zionsville Police spokesperson said since 2019 there have been 18 accidents at the intersection, which a spokesperson says seems high for the area.

Reasoner said that isn’t surprising.

Both Shepard and Reasoner have teenage sons just around driving age. Before the stoplight, neither was allowed to drive that way.

”We probably talked about this intersection and my teenage son getting his license for two years,” said Shepard. “That we would never let our kids travel this direction.”

Reasoner’s youngest gets his license next week, just in time.

”Having this intersection be much safer is quite a relief,” Reasoner said.

Both said they’ve never enjoyed sitting and waiting for a light to change green before the new traffic lights at this intersection.