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Neighborhood plagued by potholes remains low priority 40 years after last paving


INDIANAPOLIS — City officials confirmed that a neighborhood’s roads are categorized as highly in need of repaving, but it could be years before that happens.

Scott Ellis contacted the CBS4 Problem Solvers about the roads, which are in a neighborhood just off I-70 and I-465 east of downtown Indianapolis.

“The road is horrible,” Ellis said. “They need to come and help us.”

Ellis said he and his neighbors have reported the road, which runs through the neighborhood, for years without much success.

“A little hole becomes a big hole. They patch it [and] it gets bigger, bigger, bigger. You don’t even want to drive down there,” Ellis said.

The CBS4 Problem Solvers team confirmed with Indianapolis Department of Public Works that the road was last paved more than 40 years ago and it falls in the 0-25 range on a scale of 100, meaning it is in need of repair.

“We know that it’s an issue and it’s on our radar as a need. That being said, it is not attached to an upcoming capital project just yet,” DPW spokesperson Ben Easley said.

Easley blamed the low traffic volume on the reason the road remains unassigned for repaving and acknowledged that it could be years before it is repaved, since DPW plans its projects 3-4 years in advance. He said another option could be strip patching, which the city has stepped up in recent years to address roads with re-occuring potholes that are not budgeted for repaving.

“There are many needs such as this one across the county, so it’s not particularly out of the ordinary to have a residential street that is deteriorating to this level,” Easley said.

After the CBS4 Problem Solvers talked to Easley, some of the potholes did get patched, but Ellis wanted to see a more permanent solution and said driving the road remained difficult.

“It’s sad, it’s like we’re forgotten. We try to keep our neighborhood nice and safe and all we want is a little help [from] them to fix our streets,” Ellis said.

To report potholes or a road in need of repair in Indianapolis, go to the link here.

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