Nearly 200 positions available at area job fairs as central Indiana employers look for workers


INDIANAPOLIS — It seems “Help Wanted” signs are more common nowadays than ever as employers continue to search for people who want to work.

On Tuesday, four separate job fairs were held looking to fill nearly 200 jobs total.

We talked to people looking to hire at two of the job fairs and each had a similar issue.

”The ultimate problem is we’re just not getting applicants, and from what I understand, it’s like that across the board,” said Peter Dhonau, a local AT&T corporate retail store manager.

They had a job fair at the AT&T Store of off US 31 South Tuesday. Dhonau said they’re looking to fill 20 current openings and a total of 50 by the end of the year at AT&T stores in the Indianapolis area.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority also had a job fair Tuesday. Employers there have more than 100 open jobs.

”People who are seeking jobs have many opportunities,” said Bill Stinson, the senior director of public affairs with the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

Stinson, like Dhonau, said hiring since the pandemic has been a struggle.

Zachary Horton was at the Indianapolis Airport Authority job fair and said he wants people who need these jobs more than him to get them, but they don’t seem to want them.

“I’m already retired, and I don’t want to take other people’s jobs,” Horton said. “I wanted them to come back to work, but they didn’t come back to work, so now I’m here looking for a job.”

Dhonau is also wondering why they’re seeing more open jobs than they’re used to. He said he’s not seen anything like this in his career.

”I just really feel you get more motivation by working, but it just really mind boggles me” he said.

Tess Kunkle is a job coach with Sycamore Services, and she said the same thing: she’s never seen her industry like this.

Kunkle is encouraging people to get out and apply, especially since it seems like companies are offering more perks to get people back to work.

”These sign on bonuses and incentives and things that are going on, I think people should get out there and take advantage of that,” Kunkle said.

At AT&T, Dhonau said they’re offering a $1,000 sign-on bonus, medial and dental plans, tuition reimbursement and more.

Stinson said different jobs at the airport are also offering similar incentives.

Carmel Market District and the United States Postal Service also had job fairs Tuesday.

Management at the Carmel Market District is looking for 50 employees for a range of positions, including personal shoppers, food clerks, baristas and more.

The USPS job fair was held at the Clermont Post Office off of Tansel Road. Management there is looking for city and rural carrier assistants and mail processing clerks.

If you missed out on the job fairs Tuesday, you can find information about where to apply for these open jobs on the companies’ websites.

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