STEWART COUNTY, Tenn. — Police in Tennessee accused a woman of using her 15-month-old child to deceive people in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee into giving her money.

The Stewart County Sheriff’s Office says Shelecia Craig would pull over on the side of the road and pretend to be out of gas.

“Playing on citizens’ soft hearts, she would then take out a gas can and her approximately 15 months old child and pretend to start walking to find a gas station,” the office wrote in a Facebook post.

Investigators say Craig got both gas and money for gas from people who offered to help. Some would even give her money after filling up her gas tank for her.

Police say when she was done, she would drive to another location to look for more people to scam.

Dozens of receipts from Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee were allegedly found in her vehicle.

When police in Stewart County caught up with her, they learned she was driving on a revoked license and had a theft warrant from another county.

Craig was arrested for criminal impersonation for giving a false name and may face other charges as the investigation continues.