Are you one of the millions of Americans who play the lottery? Better yet — what would you do if you won the big jackpot?

An online casino directory polled 2,000 people to find which states play the lottery the most and who players would tell if they won millions.

People were specifically asked how many lottery tickets they bought in a month. Massachusetts topped the list at 7.7. The rest of the top 10 are as follows:

  • 2. Illinois – 7.6
  • 3. Michigan – 7.5
  • 4. Georgia – 7.3
  • 5. Missouri – 7.3
  • 6. Ohio – 7.2
  • 7. Virginia – 7.2
  • 8. New Jersey – 7.1
  • 9. Indiana – 6.8
  • 10. Pennsylvania – 6.9

Both scratch-off and draw lottery games, like Powerball and Mega Millions, were counted toward the poll. According to the survey, 48.6% of people play both draw games and scratch-offs each month. About 22.1% stick to scratch-offs, while 29.3% only play draw games.

Nearly every respondent (93.5%) said they would quit their job and retire if they won a big lottery jackpot. Most people also said they would buy a house (84.2%) and give to charity (62.6%).

Another huge decision that comes with winning beaucoup bucks is “Who do you tell?”

The overwhelming answer was family (88.6%) and closest friends (83.7%). A minority of people (44.5%) said they would throw caution to the wind and tell everyone about their big win!

Most people (78.2%) also admitted playing lottery games is a waste of money, but they did it anyway.

On average, the most people have won playing the lottery is $173.56.

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