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BREWSTER, Ohio (WJW) — The search is on for two escaped kangaroos in Northeast Ohio following multiple sightings.

The first call came into the Brewster Police station Thursday night after someone spotted a baby kangaroo, Chief Nathan Taylor said. Then another person stopped at the station Saturday with a video of an adult kangaroo crossing State Route 93 (as seen above).

So far, the search for the animals has proved fruitless, but Taylor said they have a general idea of where they may be after there was a sighting of one in town.

“Never dreamed I’d run into this in my career,” Taylor admitted. “We believe they just escaped from somewhere.”

Police are planning to continue the search through the night as the animals are nocturnal.

Those who spot the kangaroos are asked to not approach and to call the police. While kangaroos, which hail originally from Australia, are not known to attack humans, they can be quite aggressive.

“That’s our biggest fear right now, we don’t want people to start hunting them,” Taylor said. “If people can stay in the area and keep an eye [on the kangaroo], please do that, but do not approach.”

Taylor said that anyone who may have lost a kangaroo should reach out to police immediately.

“If anyone has information, I don’t care, I just want these things safe and the people safe,” he said.

Brewster police can be reached at 330-830-4272.