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FedEx will soon provide some extra reassurance with home deliveries.

The delivery company will offer “Picture Proof of Delivery” for express and ground service in the U.S. and Canada. Customers will receive a photo showing the location of their package after it arrives.

They’ll be able to see the photo simply by tracking their package. While other companies, including Amazon, offer similar services, FedEx said it’ll be the first company to offer nationwide photo delivery verification without requiring an account or login.

FedEx said the service is something both e-commerce retailers and customers have requested. Photographic proof of delivery will give both the sender and recipient peace of mind.

The company is pitching the service toward online business, saying it will cut down on complaints about missing packages. FedEx also said it would reduce delivery disputes and the costs associated with fraudulent product replacements.

Picture Proof of Delivery will be free and accessible through FedEx’s tracking tools. Again, it will not require an account or login—customers will only need their tracking number.

The service will be available soon in select markets through FedEx Delivery Manager before its nationwide launch in the U.S. and Canada just in time for the busy holiday shipping season.