There are almost no rules when it comes to constructing a mouthwatering plate of nachos.

As long as you have chips and a dream, just about anything goes. (Yes, we know “totchos” and nacho fries exist, but this list applies to the traditional chip variety).

Ground beef with black olives? Sure. Chicken and jalapenos? If that’s what you’re into. Bacon and onions? Why not?

Love Food has compiled a list of the Tastiest Nachos in Each State. The winning selections feature flavor combinations that pay tribute to traditional Mexican flavors, as well as as some surprising toppings like radishes, crab, and kimchi.

At Arkansas’ The Fold restaurant, customers can add bison, chicken, chorizo, pork, shrimp or steak to make their perfect plate of nachos.

The nachos at The Tamale Place in Indiana are known for their size. “Be aware that the small size is actually a big portion,” writes Love Food.

Nacho Hippo in South Carolina offers eight different nacho platters, including the “!# (Bleep) Hole” that features jerk chicken and mango salsa.

Where you can find the tastiest nachos in your state: