Monkeying around: Monkey caught on camera robbing jewelry shop

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4 Fast Facts

  • Video shows monkey stealing money from store in India
  • A worker tossed the monkey a piece of fruit
  • The monkey pushed the door opened and then went inside the shop
  • The animal then opened the cash drawer and took money before running off

Even after you see the video, it’s pretty hard to believe it!

A monkey was caught on camera robbing a jewelry shop in eastern India, leaving workers absolutely baffled.

The video shows a man throwing the monkey a piece of fruit while the animal sits outside. Then the monkey pushes the door open and runs inside!

He hangs around the store for a bit before hopping onto a chair. After that, he opens a drawer, takes some cash and then dashes away. The monkey got away with the equivalent of about $150.

Workers said the monkey had been hanging around outside the shop before the theft.

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