VAN ZANDT COUNTY, Texas — A man with a toy gun was arrested outside of a Texas courthouse on Monday after making threats on Facebook the evening before.

The Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office says a man named David Anthony Damate-Graves made a Facebook post on Sunday that said in part, “spoil[er] alert the rain of lead will cover the square if I were y’all stay away from the downtown court house tomorrow.”

Image provided by Van Zandt Sheriff’s Office

The post caught the attention of the Van Zandt County courthouse staff, who then alerted Canton police and the county sheriff’s office.

Police were unable to locate Damate-Graves on Sunday.

Law enforcement set up posts in the Canton square on Monday morning and spotted Damate-Graves in front of the courthouse around 7:50 a.m., the sheriff’s office wrote in a Facebook post.

According to police, he had a plastic toy firearm with him that was modified to resemble a real gun.

Damate-Graves was arrested for a count of terroristic threat.